The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International thanks all telecommunications personnel in the public safety community for your continued efforts to preserve the public’s safety. Although APCO International does all it can to honor our calltakers and dispatchers throughout the year, National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (April 10-16, 2011) has been set aside so everyone can be made more aware of your hard work and dedication, which provide a vital link to the public safety services on which we have come to rely every day.

We encourage all of you to celebrate and honor yourselves, your co-workers, your bosses and your employees. Take the time this week to host a party, reach out to your local media and public officials, or launch an awards program. This newsletter will provide helpful tools and suggestions aimed at making National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 2011 a memorable one for you and your colleagues.

We would also like your input in the form of shared ideas and photos of your agency celebrations during this year’s festivities.

Thank you, again, for all the sacrifices you make to create a better and safer world for the public. Your commitment to your profession is appreciated by all of APCO International, the public safety communications community, and the citizens you serve.

3 Responses

  1. My hat is off to all of our Public Safety Communications Officials, fondly know to me as Dispatchers. I could go on and on about how important they are, all of the difficult tasks they perform daily, the different hats they wear such as crisis negotiator, EMT on the phone, mastering all of the data-systems we use in every day Police work, managing high stress incidents, but I will spare you all of that. I can’t tell you how they make us all shine when the chips are down and how they protect us and the public. Thank you all who endure this most challenging and tough job!!

    Ray Owens

  2. The Drexel University Public Safety Communications Center (DUPSCC) is celebrating NPSTW 2011 with a series of raffles and events.

    There are 9 dispatchers and 4 dispatch supervisors assigned to the DUPSCC. Starting Sunday there will be a total of 12 raffles. Prizes are worth at least $50.00 each. The last Raffles will take place Tuesday evening during a buffet dinner at the Landmark Americana. The person who does not win a raffle will get a consolation prize.

    The events are as follows with food and drink provided for all personnel:

    Monday – Dunkin Donuts Day
    Tuesday – Landmark Americana Buffet Dinner
    Wednesday – WaWa Lunches
    Thursday – Stromboli Lunches
    Friday – Soft Pretzels and Water Ice
    Saturday – Tasty Kakes and Starbucks Coffee

    Raffle prizes are as follows:
    5 – $50.00 Landmark Americana gift Cards
    2 – $50.00 American Express Gift Cards
    3 – $50.00 WaWa Gift Cards
    1 – Philadelphia Zoo trip (4 tickets) $72.00 value
    1 – Backpack $60.00 value
    1 – consolation prize

  3. Congrats, Pima County, great job, nice for you all to receive the recognition and appreciation for the job you do and difference you make every day.

    Barb Hite
    Comm Supv
    Coolidge Police Dept.

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